Musical Fidelity A5 VS Krell KAV 400XI VS YBA YA201


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi all,

i am considering the krel kav 400xi or the music fidelity a5 or the YBA YA201 to power my FOCAL JM-LAB 926.

just curious if anybody has any experience with these two amps matched with FOCAL.

both sound nice , but it's tough to get a grip on which amp may be better for my FOCAL. i find it takes a considerable amount of time to really determine the strenghts and weaknesses of amps. it's very hard for me to compare at two different dealers.

any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 28, 2007
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Krell and Focal is a match made in heaven! I had both amps before and also lucky enough to briefly own Micro Utopia Be (back in 04) . The MF A5 sound very powerful with enough bass to please most people but of the two I would choose Krell as they have an edge on bass preformance. If you ever heard a krell, any krell, you would know what I mean. Very few amp (at any price) can produced a qaulity sound down below like the 400Xi, the other I have heard being Densen, Bryston and big boys Naims. As for the midrange I would say not much between them if push I would, again, go for Krell sweeter (part class A) voice re-production. The main problem with Krell is very transparant! The cd that badly recorded will come out well....bad! Be prepare for that as your speakers also very honest but when you buy equipments in this class I presume you want to hear everything on the disc reproduce in the most accurate way, if that's the case Krell/Focal combo will rock your world.


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