Mounting an LCD / Plasma above a radiator on a concrete wall - thoughts / issues?

Juzzie Wuzzie

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Bullet points: - small flat - best place for LCD / plasma is above a radiator on a concrete wall (about a foot above the radiator) Are there any issues? Would it be better if I put a "shelf" in between tv and radiator to block direct heat rising. Urgent responses are appreciated as I have to make the decision this week. Cheers, J


Is the radiator the only one in the room. If not could you not simply shut that one down. I actually removed a rad from the wall were my LCD now hangs!. Being a small flat its more then warm enough with the one remaining radiator. If this is not an option and you must have the radiator radiating then i would advice against it. Or at the very least go with the shelf idea.

Good luck.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Would strongly advise against this, and at the very least put in that shelf above the radiator. Heat rises, and chucking all that extra heat at the LCD is not ideal. Can you move the radiator?

Juzzie Wuzzie

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Only radiator in the room (can't be moved without effort) but could be removed, incurring the wrath of the G/F. As such, can we work on the basis that the radiator remains?

Articles on the net vary in whether acceptable / not acceptable and I'd like to draw an analogy with mounting above a fireplace. Heat from fireplace rising, heat of chimney coming through to surface?

It may be that the radiator is only used at a low setting given the "intimacy" of the room and the flat in general.

Only other option is on a wall opposite a large double window, or in a corner (which I'm not a fan of).


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