Motion Flicker on my new Philips LED TV


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have just treated my self to a brand new Philips 46PFL9705 LED screen which, when I took it out of the box thought the pictur was fatastic - vibrant colour, sharp picture.

However now I have been watching it for a week I have noticed some problems with motion flicker. It isnt an issue with Panning or slow movemt - It seems to be arms moving or small object moving quickly. It seems like there is a pause in that particular area befor it catches up with itself. THis tends to be on SKY HD where it happens most - perhaps its just I can se it occouring more on HD as the picture is sharper?

There was no problem with this on my previous Hitachi 42" plasma screen, and I cant imagine its the TV itself as from reviews, motion is one of the selling points of this high end TV.

Here are some changes which might be the cause ??? I have changed my Denon AVR2808 to upscale to 1080P (rather than 1080i which is all the Hitachi could handle) So im upscaling on my amp AND on the TV! SHould I not do this ??

Also I have had to extend the HDMI cable which is burried in my wall using a coupler and a 1M HDMI cable - could this have an impact ?


I should also mention that I have tryed the "Perfect Motion Picture" faciltiy but cannot cope with the motion with this on. Everything looks like its been filmed using a home camcorder


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