Mordaunt Short MS10i

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Jun 2, 2008
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wilcoxdrew said:
Hi there

I need some advice on which amp and cd player will best suit my MS10i's.

Could any one help me with this?

Thanks Andy

Welcome to the forum.

Do you want a used amp/cd player, or new?

What is your budget?

Are these the MS10i 'Pearl Editions' or the normal ones? (It'll say on the back somewhere.)


Hi there.

They are just MS10i's not the pearl or classic edition. My budget is £300 max for a cd and amp, I will be looking out for some nice clean second hand kit.


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Dec 30, 2007
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Try a NAD amp- the c320 for starters, but a c350 would be best. 320s usually fetch 60-70 quid on the 'bay, 350 goes for about £100. The c350 is a stunning amp which retailed for £350- and was worth every penny of it. It is capable of withstanding future speaker upgrades too, it will just get better and better.

As for a CD player, I would think something like a Marantz CD6000 (preferably OSE or KI if you can find/afford...) if you listen to rock, pop, electronica etc, or if you prefer more smoothness, the Technics SL-PG670D or the 770D go for stupidly low prices- often £30-50. I have owned the 670, and I have to say it was a total joy- big, bold and very enjoyable to listen to (although not the best with the heavy stuff), built very well, and very slick- smooth drawer and fast, silent loading.

With any remaining budget, get some decent cables and stands if you don't already have them. Check this very website for some ideas!


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Sep 21, 2013
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I have also just purchased some MS-10i speakers, but am struggling to find an NAD amp for under £100- are there any other amps that you could recommend with these speakers?

Have found a Denon PMA-250SE and a Sony TA-FE530R advertised at reasonable prices but not really sure whether they would work with this system. Also, I am looking to mainly use an aux input (computer/iPod) rather than a CD player- will this change my set up at all?

Many thanks


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Jan 18, 2008
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Very good little speakers in standard form. Better even when worked on. Mine have been re-wired, braced, damped and the front baffle has been filled with glue and metal parts. All of which improved resolution and box/port control.

Used with numerous amplifiers, CA840v2, Naim XS, Roksan K2 plus my current ones. Easy to drive. I would choose a leaner sounding amplifier with these.



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May 21, 2009
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Sorry for resurrecting a 7 year old thread but for a bit of fun I've just bought myself a pair of these standard MS10i speakers locally off Gumtree for £25. The very first "proper" pair of speakers I ever bought back in the mid 90's was a pair of MS20i Pearls which I remember with great fondness paired with a little Rotel RA-830 amp, my first "proper" amp.

Anyway I was having a browse of Gumtree last night and saw this pair of MS10i's for sale locally. The description said mint, been kept in a attic, never used etc etc , the usual gubbins.
A likely story I thought but I put a cheeky offer of £20 in and finally settled on £25, if they are alright I thought they will do as a spare pair in case of emergencies. Anyway I've picked them up tonight and blimey the seller was not telling porkies. They are absolutely mint, unused, came with all the original packaging, manual, quality certs from MS etc. The binding posts still had the little plastic plugs in situ. On the outside of the box there's even a sticker stating What Hi-Fi Awards 1996 Highly Recommended!.

I've hooked them up to my Rotel A14 amp and boy for a little speaker cold out of the box they sure sound good to me. Nothing spectacular about them, no great bass weight as you would expect, not the widest soundstage I've ever heard, but they sound quite clean and detailed, and not overly bright.

A bit of a bargain I reckon.

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