Mordaunt Short Alumni or KEF KHT2005.3 / LCD (Pioneer or Sony) or Plasma (Panasonic)


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Aug 10, 2019
I am looking to upgrade my Home Cinema system. My last system was fine in 2001 but now I would like to move to HD and have it more child friendly (large Mission speakers have to go). Looking to get a Onkyo TX-SR806 and a Sony S550 I think (unless anyone out there recommends otherwise). I have many questions but 2 main ones to start with:

1) Speakers: Mordaunt Short Alumni or KEF KHT2005.3 - Is there much difference? I like the look of the MS Alumni but the WHF review seems to favour the KEFs - any thoughts out there?

2) TV: LCD (Pioneer or Sony) or Plasma (Panasonic) - Reading WHF I had convinced myself that Plasma was the way to go and that Pioneer was the brand to have. However they are quite expensive and start at 50" (too big unfortunately). Should I stay with Pioneer and move to a smaller LCD (in which case why not a cheaper/better Sony) or shall I stay with Plasma and go Panasonic?

Lastly, does the above hang together, or am I spending too much (or not enough) in any one area?

Thanks, Rich

Pistol Pete1

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Jan 27, 2008
Hi Rich,

Personally I would go for the Sony 2400es amp, especially if your going to use it for music playback too. Onkyo is good, and I love my 606, but others like the Sony are seen as better now.

I would save money and buy the Panasonic BD35 or Sony 350 instead-seen for around £160-£180 now. As you will use the decoding capabilities of the amp, those blu ray players will be perfect.

As for speakers, have you looked at the Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 speaker package-similar size to the Alumni, but better in terms of sound quality. (Probably better than the KEF's too)

TV's depend on what u are watching. If you into football, etc, a plasma might be the better option. If thats the case-look into Panasonic. I have the TH42-PX80, and love it!!!

Hope that helps.....


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Jun 30, 2008
Start with the tv, its personal choice really, you need to know what size you're going for first, then view instore.Looking at some recent deals on Panny's, 46" have been down to £799 and 50" to £899 for the PZ80 model. So thats a considerable saving on the Pioneer 5090, which may give you a greater choice for av.As for speakers and amps, there are also many deals around, like the 06 range of Onkyo's, Denon 1909 and good deals with the Sony range and Yamaha. Choices here may depend on requirements and specs ie how many hdmi inputs you require. Blu-ray players also seem to have good deals around on S350 model including free films and the Pioneer 51 down to £325 from £400. Don't know your budget, But i would try and get the best tv you can afford as this is likely to be with you longer than your av equipment, meaning you can upgrade parts when needed.If it was me buying now, i would consider the Panasonic plasma, along with the Onkyo 806, 876 and Yamaha AX863se and partner that with Kef 3005se or B&W MT_30's. And for Blu-ray player You have to look at the Pioneer 51, but expect new models emerging over the next few month's, as i think 2009 will seen major companies doing battle to gain newcomers to join blu-ray revolution.



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