Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 speakers with Sony STR-DA2400 AV Receiver


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Aug 10, 2019
Hey all,

Purchased the Sony AV receiver this weekend and now looking for a speaker package to put with this.

Me and my partner really like the Mordaunt Short Alumni speakers in the White finish as this would compliment the room these will go in.

I noticed on the specs that they advise recommended wattage of between 15-80 watts for the Alumni Speakers.  The Sony is 100W per channel.  I can't see this being an issue if i do not turn the receiver up too loud.

Any one have any views on this?  All comments welcome, just want to make sure these speakers are ok to go with the receiver before i buy them.





To quote Andrew Everard from another thread discussing 100W amp with 70W speakers :

"Re: Speakers and Receivers Watts Query

No you will have no problems at all, though I doubt that you're ever
actually outputting anything near 70W from your receiver, not even on
instantaneous peaks in the sound.

The simple rule is that it's
much easier to damage speakers by using too feeble an amplifier driven
into clipping as it struggles to drive the speakers, rather than an amp
apparently too powerful for the speakers."

And plus alot of retailers like Richer Sounds have been selling these as a package with the Onkyo 606 which pumps out 140W @ 6 Ohm. - Although I'm not sure of the true ohm-age of the Alumnis as the state 4 to 8 ohms... err so I'm guessing 6!

I've just order a set myself from - - were there offering half price stands and you get :
FREE 40m QED Micro speaker cable + 5m Techlink Sub-woofer cable
They've not arrived yet but when they do if the Yamy AX863 still isn't available (105W pc) then I'll be popping to Richersounds and picking up a AX763.. (95 wpc)




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