Monitory Audio Radius 270HD or Apex A10 for fronts?


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Sep 3, 2009
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Just wondering which would be better for front speakers? They will be partnered with either a Denon 4311 or a Pioneer SCLX85? For a 50/50 music/cinema system?

Thanks in advance.

Even I thought the Apex was superior to the Radius HD in clarity and detail, although the 270HD had a little extra bass. But this can be easily overcome by a good subwoofer, like the Apex AW12. But the Radius HD is no slouch either. Demo both & see if the Apex is worth the extra outlay.


Hi, I went for the Pioneer VSX-LX55 Receiver with two R270HD front speakers, one R225HD centre speaker, two R90HD for rear speakers and two R45HD for front Hi Speakers.

I opted for a Sunfire HRS-8 Sub, as we have a small room (12ft x 12ft).

The quality of the sound when playing the Beetles Love DVD in 5.1 is astounding.

I have also married it up to an Epson EH-TW5900 LCD 3D HD Projector with the Panasonic BMP-BDT210 Blu Ray Player. The Picture Quality is also excellent, and I use the latest Panasonic 3D Glasses when watching 3D with the projector.

The Lord of Rings "Fellowship of the Ring" sounds really good when at the start the battle scene is taking place. The SunFire really boots out the base and it passes straight through you as a listener.


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