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Aug 10, 2019
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Does anybody know if the stated specifications for Monitor Audio speakers frequency response is +/- 3db ?
ie, RX8 stated frequency response is 32Hz - 35KHz (+/- 3db ??)

I did find this..

The RX8’s listening-window response (a five-point average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal and vertical responses) measures +1.27/–3.99 decibels from 200 hertz to 10 kilohertz. The –3-dB point is at 52 Hz, and the –6-dB point is at 46 Hz. Impedance reaches a minimum of 4.37 ohms at 152 Hz and a phase angle of –40.55 degrees at 84 Hz.

The GX100 has a frequency response of 42Hz - 60KHz, i wonder if the written specifictions are any closer to test ??

Getting rather desperate to replace my current MS book shelf speakers, So having auditioned complete RX series and really prefered the RX8 over the RX6 and not had good expereince with a subwoofer used for music in the past i think the RX1 is out, and as much as i liked the RX2 the first time i heard it did not sound nearly as good the second time i listened.

I have around 1000 pounds to spend and i like rock, rnb, hiphop and a bit of just about everything else. The speaker should look nice, have a good bass respone, and be able to be driven with good volume by my amplifier (Cyrus Pre Xpd & Cyrus X-Power in stereo mode, athough at a later point i may add another X-Power and run in mono mode)
Some reviews i have read indicate the MA GX series is hard to drive, is this the case and how would it compare to driving the RX8 ?
Open to other makes although after auditioning a few i did prefer the MA.

Any infomation and opinions welcome !



Seems to be a well kept secret the real frequency response on speakers...

Anybody care for any other suggestions for some nice speakers around 1000 pounds to be used with Cyrus pre xpd & x-power ? Otherwise it seems i will just go with probably the RX8 in piano white but will listen to the GX100 again but worried about bass and amplifier power.


Nobody has a feeling how the x-power will control the RX8's ?


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Aug 21, 2010
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Hi Evan,

I think your amp will be fine driving either speaker.

The Rx8 is 4 ohm rated so is the tougher of the two but has high sensitivity so would go loud with over 50 wpc in an average size room.

As you say you could always add another power amp later on if you want to play louder.

The Gx100 on the other hand is 8ohm rated and does not drop below 6ohm so is the easier load. It is not as sensitive and obviously wont go as loud as the Rx8.

Regarding speaker frequency response. Manufactureres frequency responses are measured in anechoic rooms (like measuring them in the middle of a field) so the bass frequency they go down to in room is heavily reliant on the size and shape of the room the are placed in.

hope this helps.


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