monitor audio rx6

lebreiz said:

i would like to know what is the best amplifier for my monitor audio rx6

Hi lebreiz

What components do you currently use?

What do you generally listen to?

Did you listen to the Silver RX6's before you purchased them? If so, then what components were used?

Are there any features such as tone controls, phono stage, remote facility, more then one set of speaker terminals etc. on the amp which you require?

The size of your listening room?

Power requirements/your general listening level?

Have you considered any amplifiers yet?

Are you happy to also consider used/discontinued amplification?

What type of presentation do you want from the new amp and ultimately for the system to achieve?

Your budget?

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


Arcam A28.

On the other hand, the rep from Monitor Audio wanted me to get a $3500 amp (Moon Audio something or the other), because anything else 'didn't have enough current' to please the MA rx6, apparently. I quickly gave up on the speaker.

In home demo, the arcam a28 took the edge off the ma rx6s brightness for me. A lot of people find it very refined and polite. Rude people called it boring. :)

Don't even think of going the Naim route.

Nad 356 might have enough power, and if you're in the US/Canada, it'll be a good deal too.



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