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monitor audio gx100 standmounter or equivalent around £1500


New member
Feb 12, 2013
Hi all,

Looking at a pair of MA GX100 stand mounts anyone tried these? All types of music except hip hop or full on rap. I prefer a clean sound but not clinical, and nice deep bass. Budget £1500, amp Roksan Kandy power driven by valve preamp, various sources!!

Any opinions on these speakers or alternatives would be much appreciated so I can draw up a shortlist. I have had 2 and 3 way speakers and tend to prefer 2 way ones, maybe my hearing is over sensitive to the mid frequencies either that or the 3 ways I have heard have not been well balanced. (If I had a graphic equaliser I would tend towards an upward smile)

Cheers, Tommo


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Jan 24, 2014
Hi there.

I actually have these on home demo at the moment. They're hooked up to my Rotel RA1570 amp and matching CDP. They are very open sounding with very good/low/tight bass, imo. My only concern at the moment is that they can, at times, sound a little harsh at the higher end. I really like them, but for this. Having said that, I'm still quite imressed. By way of contrast, I'm also trying out the KEF R300's. These are much more mellow/warm sounding, but the bass is still very good low down.

Hope this helps.

plastic penguin

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Apr 28, 2008
Have heard these a couple of times and although very good, as Freddy says, they can veer into a little harshness. Personally I preferred my old RS6s, although I pretty sure that's down to the GXs ribbon tweeter.

I'd urge a dem of these as you may well love the GX100s.

Alternatives: PMC Twenty 21s, Quad, Focal, MAs new Silver range, Neat, Totem Rainmaker or Arros.


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Aug 21, 2009
You should try the ubiquitous LS50s....and if you like them, pocket the saving.

As well as previous suggestions, there are also:

Proac Response D1

GamuT Phi 3

Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand


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Nov 10, 2011
I demoed both the GX100 and GX50 when they first came out. On Roksan Caspian kit.

Both models had clarity, speed, punch and tight bass but given the GX50 was so accomplished for a small speaker, I didn't go for the larger GX100.

As I've had the GX50 for about three years, I can give you advice on the GX ribbon tweeter. From new they are quite shrill but do seem to calm down a little with use. What I came to realise is that my "average" ear is not quite suited to the higher frequency response (60 khz) which can become tiring on extended listens.

I counteracted this by using a transient DAC filter, single wiring and a less bright / clinical amplifier.