Monitor Audio BXW-10, any good?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi there

I'm new on here so go easy on me. :grin:

I have been looking at the Monitor Audio BXW-10 to complete my av but have not found many user reviews. So first question is it any good? Next question, during my reasearch i have found lots of suggestions to other people to go for a BK Electronics sub, so is the xls200 the same as the BXW-10 or would the Gemini 2 be more similar?

My system is as follows, BX5 (mains), BX2 (rears), BXCenter and the amp is a Denon AVR-2311. The room is approx 20' x8' which is carpeted. I want something that will be dramatic enough for action movies but agile enough opera and music.

So any coments on weather the BXW-10 would be suitable or suggestion on any alternatives that would match my system. I think i should be able to audition the MA sub at my local hifi shop though i have never seen it in there.

Last question would i do better looking at bigger subs?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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Mar 15, 2013
Hi,I have a 5.1 Monitor Audio setup in a 21'x19' room with the BXW10 and found the bass is brilliant up to 15' away. The response is not a punchy or as taught as others I have heard, however the low level response is excellent and the sound is very deep and three dimensional. I prefer a softer deeper Bass so this Sub suits my ear better than others.The sub performs brilliantly whilst watching movies and shakes the sofa during explosive scenes, even with a carpeted floor. Music bassline's are beautifully reproduced and are not overwhelming.I have just been shopping and bought another BXW10 and am going to set it up later today, I will let you know the results.Hope this helps :)


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