Monitor Audio BX5, vs BX6


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Mar 14, 2012

I've been looking at speakers lately, and I was almost sold on the BX5's, BUT, I have found the BX6's for a very tempting price somewhere.

My main question is, will the Marantz PM6004 have enough guts to drive these speakers?

Also, the living room is small/medium sized, so would they be overkill, and should I stick with the smaller BX5's?



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Feb 2, 2009
I would have thought the PM6004 will drive those BX5 floorstanders well for domestic levels, dont be mislead with the 45 w p/c rating.I have AE Neo3 floorstanders with mine it can rock them, you would have to go to uncomfortable volumes levels with the tone controls on full boost before the amp clips and the tweeters fry, the bass cones will hit the end stops before that happens. Unless you want dance club levels in your living room dont worry about that. The problem is deciding which model, not sure how the PM6004 would handle the bigger BX6 but I think its an efficient design like the smaller BX5 so that should be ok too .The BX5 will be better suited to a smallish room imo , the bigger speakers will give more bass and scale but that could be overwhelming.

Ben K.

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Nov 6, 2010
I have not heard the bx5 or bx6 but I will share my experience following a similar dilemma. I was undecided between rx6 and rx8 as people generally say the rx8 is the same but has more bass. I booked a demo to try both speakers in an a/b comparison. Well the rx8 does have more bass but it's deeper with more weight and has much more detail so you can hear different bass notes which were missed on the rx6. It doesn't end there though as mid range is also more detailed and a lot more open. Finally I found the treble to be smoother. This is just my opinion but I found the rx8 to be a much better speaker than the rx6.

Try to demo both together if you can you may be surprised at the difference. Plenty of people may disagree as many people have the rx6 and I'm not saying they're bad just that IMO they can't be compared to the rx8 really. You may find the same with the bx5 and bx6 and only your ears can tell you which one sounds best to you.

Also I listen to dance, hip hop and a little pop so a lot is probably dependant on what genres you mainly listen to. I would imagine for example that the rx6 would be better suited to classical or jazz perhaps maybe that's the reason they were not for me? Who knows


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