monitor audio BR2 or warfedale diamond 9.1


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking to up date my hifi system.Having read all the write ups I could find on systems fitting into my budget .I decided to go with the much recomended marantz cd6002 and the rotel ra-04 :On the speaker side,I cant make my mind up between monitor audio br2 or warfedales diamond 9.1.

Any advice I could get would be greatly apreciated.Either on speaker choise , the whole system or where I can go to hear and buy my eventual choise (Berks/Hants).As I know as much about stereo's as I do computers ; very little.

Thanks for your help & time



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Both are excellent speakers though the Wharfedales can occasionaly sound slightly flat tonally, and the BR2s can sometimes lack attack. Look at Mordaunt-Short MS902i as well. I've had the Bronze 2s and heard the Diamond 9.1s quite a bit. I currently have the MS902is and think they blow both out of the water with the right amplification. The key is to have a really good listen to anything you consider.