Monitor Audio BR2 And PC


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello, wrote in not too long ago regarding the Monitor Audio BR2'S. Now ive brought the speakers im unsure as to what is the best way to maximise performance through my computer. Im using a relatively old NAD amplifier at the moment and have always connected it to my computer through the headphone socket...Is that the best way? The pc is a new Dell with a high performance sound card. Im also looking for a cheap sub..its for a bedroom so nothing to substantial, maybe second hand for around 100-200 pounds? suggestions would be much appreciated.thanks

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
If the soundcard has conventional phono outputs at line level, then use those, otherwise just stick with the headphone socket.

A cheap sub? You'd be better off without it, as it will offer little more than thumpy stuff and undermine the good things the BR2s can do. The minimum you should consider would be something like the Mordaunt-Short MS308 Avant, which can be found for around £150, but if you must have a sub then you'd be better off saving until you can buy something like the Wharfedale Diamond SW150, at around £230-250, or of course the Monitor Audio ASW10 at about the same kind of money, or the BRW10, which is about £100 more.

But in a bedroom I'd really wonder whether you need a sub...


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Jun 25, 2007
How 'high-performance" is your sound card i wonder?... I am a little skeptical as the PC manufacturers have their own weird idea about sound quality... For instance if it only has a headphone socket for an output it may not be as 'high-performance" as suggested... I think you best investment would be in a proper external sound card - the M-Audio Audiophile as a minimum. Then you could use some upsampling software and get the sound card to work at a higher sampling rate... I have obtained AMAZING results by doing so; in fact I would need a damn good CD player to beat my PC in this configuration. Also don't forget to get your PC media player to work though an ASIO or Kernel Streaming driver that would bypass the HORRIBLE Windows kmixer - which single-handedly ruins all sound coming from Windows-based platforms... Do all these and you'll thank me later...

I agree with Andrew that you don't really need a subwoofer...

Instead you could start thinking of upgrading your amp... A second hand Marantz either PM7200 or PM 7001 are amazing units at very good prices - especially second -hand (around 150-250 pounds on ebay...)

Good luck!



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