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Mar 5, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I'm getting the urge to make a change again, and have a couple of different ideas - advice please!

Current Set Up : Rega P3, Ortofon 2M Blue, Groovetracer Sub Platter, home made leather mat, sitting on a homemade acrylic isolation platform, running through a Graham Slee Gram Amp 2SE phono stage. Used with Arcam A85 amp, Arcam CD72 and Monitor Audio Bronze BR5.

Option A : More modifying to the turntable - SRM Tech Deluxe Acrylic platter, Inspire HiFi replacement base, and then power supply upgrade, by which time it won't really be a Rega!

Option B : Buy a new turntable. I've seen the ProJect Xperience Classic and the Xperience 2 Pack that are possibilities. I've also seen the Michell Tecnodec at a good price, with the 202 arm.

Option C : Add something completely different. Possibly a DAC to upgrade the CD player (I still own lots of music on CD, and some artists I like don't release their music on vinyl). Alternatively, I have all of my music stored on external hard drive - is there a product I could plug the HD into that would then play the files - I don't want to mess around with streaming from a PC that isn't always on, but this seems like a sensible way to do it with a system I already have...does something like the ProJect StreamBox DS Net do this

So, what do people think?


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Dec 3, 2002
Some interesting options. I like the Inspire upgrades; I had them do some work on my old Manticore Mantra.

DACwise why not check out the Slee options through the owners club forum, since you are already using some Slee kit. You could also consider a Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry Digi playing into a DAC of your choice. Rune Audio would be a good choice of software to run on the Pi and you could connect your USB HD directly to the Pi.



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