Mixing speakers from different ranges?


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Aug 28, 2007
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I have recently purchased a Panasonic TX32LXD700 and am having a surround sound system installed next month. The system consists of a Denon 2808 AMP and 1940 DVD player along with Kef iQ5/iQ6c + Kef in-ceiling speakers. My query regards to my speaker choice. I installed the KEF in-ceiling speakers some time ago, but since then my preference for the "main" speakers has wandered away from the KEf's to Monitor Audio RADIUS range. Now conventionally I could replace the KEF in-ceiling speakers with something from Monitor Audio, however they are SQUARE and the Monitor Audio ceiling speakers are ROUND! So I would be left with a bit of a ugly ceiling. So removing the KEF's is not an option (?). What would the impact be of using KEF in ceiling speakers with Monitor Audio main/centre speakers? Would I notice?


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