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Hi folks My post seems to be missing. Not quite sure where it has gone. I'll try again. I want to buy a mini hi fi system for my husbands birthday - approx £200. It is to go in the bedroom so doesn't need to be that loud - we have a Denon Hi fi in the lounge. Want as good sound quality as I can for the money though, preferably with adjustable base. Would also like a remote and alarm. Needs to play radio and music. The helpful guy in my local store says why waste your money on a hi fi when an iPod docking station would give so much better quality and options. Don't have an iPod or iPhone (though had been thinking about it). What do folk reckon. To buy the docking station commits me to an iPod/phone but many hi fi systems have a docking station as well. Any ideas appreciated. Many thanks


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Aug 21, 2009
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Hi Nicky, and welcome to the forum.

If you can up your budget (sorry), the Denon D-M38DAB (£300) reviewed in the current edition of WHF, should give you what your looking for, and will be substantially better than an ipod dock (this has an ipod connection).

Long term this would be a better (though more expensive) option........just don't give him a present next year. :)


Thanks CnoEvil. Will take a look at the Denon. Might be able to stretch the budget a bit. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.


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