Mini - Amp to match Scandyna Micropod .


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Everyone

For my birthday , i've got a pair of Scandyna's micropod speakers (the passive ones),

I want to use them as my pc/ipod speakers and i need a amp to make them work.

Can anyone give me some ideas of a good price/quality model of amp i should buy ?


Best regards

John Duncan

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Depends on what you want it to look like (or how big it can be). I've had good results with the Audioengine N22 but it only stands on its end (which may be an issue for you) and the *** feels a bit cheap (so to speak). Alternatives are the Pro-ject Stereo Box, which is very cutesy but more expensive, or simply a second-hand stereo amp of any vintage (which, if slim enough, might fit under your desk in a drawer or such like)?

You could also google "t-amp"; there are dozens of versions out there of varying build and price.

That's lots of brackets, sorry.


If it isn't for going too loud, I would thoroughly recommend a t-amp.In particular, I have the Bantam t-amp in my collection and when I was using it for desktop duty, it was almost as good as anything I've tried. It's only 15WPC, so will not blow the walls off, but it's extremely good for such use imo (It is very small, so fits on the desk, and runs cold)

link here

John Duncan

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You work in computers, don't you snivilisationism? Why might four users in the space of a week (two of whom were definitely the same person, claiming not to be the third), have the same IP address as the poster of this question? What are the odds of that?*

(*I make it 4,228,250,625 to 1, but I'm not an engineer)


And, having checked the specs of the powered version of those speakers, a t-amp seems perfect, as that's what they use internally.