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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a media centre Pc connected via HDMI to my Toshiba 32" 32WL56, i have copied all my DVD;s onto this platform in unconpressed format onto the hard drives, i also have both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD drives to play all the new HD movies.

My Tosh supports 1080i at the moment, and when i connect the HDMI to the TV and switch on the media centre recognises it as an HD TV and offers me the 720p or 1080i option when is set up the resolution of the media centre.

With a full HD television then i would expect this to offer me the 1080p option when i connect up the media centre. Therefore can get 1080p transmissions out of the media centre through the HDMI link.

Now i have read through the forums and posed a couple of questions re: LCD -vs- Plasma and both the 37PX and the 42PX are very keenly priced at the moment. The one thing that i would like to know with the plasma, when i hook it up to the media centre, what will the TV offer me as HD resolutions to set up, bearing in mid the native resolution of both of these sets it 1024*768.... I would like to have the SD DVD's upscaled to 1080p and the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD's played in 1080p and 24 fps. Can media centre be used with plasma screens to this end?


Has anyone got experience hooking a plasma up to a Media centre PC, your help would be appreciated


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