McIntosh unveils new AM/FM tuner for radio lovers

Mr. C Nation

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Mar 21, 2020
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£6800 for a tuner that doesn't do DAB or streaming?

XX millions listen to the radio. XX millions minus a very, very small number listen to a 'kitchen tranny', FM in the car or a streamed radio station. What is there on AM? I have an American friend who has been a big fan of 'The Archers' since she came to UK 30 years ago. She now listens to it on a kitchen TV, as she does other BBC R4 programmes.

This is another case of a manufacturer scratching around in the legacy bins [making some of the best models of the 1970s, ] for something to sell. The '70's were 50 years ago. In tech terms, that's pre-history.

It may be that the population of the USA includes a sufficient number of people who are in the market for this device, for whatever nostalgic or tech reason, making it a viable line to sell.

As for the UK? Here is the reason why it deserves to bomb. "I bought the Rotel T11 to replace a 17 year old Pure Tuner, which could no longer get many of the DAB radio stations that I like. The Rotel with DAB+ solved this problem and I have all the radio stations back that I like. "

The T111 can be had for £330

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D rob

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Oct 26, 2021
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It annoys me all the Av recievers that dont have Dab+ as standard. But have the soon to be dead low quality AM band. There european counterparts usually have Dab+ aswell! If you are going to pay large amounts of money you would exoect it to be futureproofed.
Jun 18, 2022
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This looks really nice, but I'm pretty sure there aren't even 50m adults in the UK, let alone listening to the radio.
The proportion listening to AM/FM must be vanishingly small.
That's why this is so expensive: I'm sure it's good, but they now need to sell fewer units to boomers to turn a profit.


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