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Aug 10, 2019
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I want a new 32" TV (and could really do with upgrading my whole hifi, speakers, cables and all - but that's another story!)

After some research though...I have decided against buying a new TV yet for the reasons listed below....

1. I only view SD stuff and play my Xbox 360 just now and won't be ugrading my DVD player or upgrading to Sky HD soon.

2. I hope that technology will improve at showing SD images during the year I wait.

3. I can save more money over the year and move out of the £500 budget category and hopefully into a better quality picture.

4. My current CRT TV is only 5 years old and works perfectly well at showing SD images - proabably better than current flat panel images could offer!

My reasons for wanting to get a new TV in the first place were that my current one is just so BIG and takes up too much space in my current flat and because I am one of those people who doesn't like to be too far behind with technology (although money constraints mean I am NEVER the first to adopt new technology).

Am I doomed to wait forever wondering whether I will I get something better next year or are these actually good reasons to wait?

Please convince me that I am being too sensible and I need a new TV now.


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Dec 28, 2007
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[quote user="SG79"]
Please convince me that I am being too sensible and I need a new TV now.

Think how good your Xbox 360 will look.... it's the reason I got mine initially.


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Oct 4, 2007
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You need a new TV now. You're way too sensible!!

In all honesty, if you are waiting for tomorrow hoping to get better value - you'll always be waiting. Take the plunge when funds allow and enjoy what you can afford. If you are happy to wait until your budget allows a higher price bracket then I'd wait.

1, 2 & 4. My Panasonic displays SD images just fine - I replaced a 4 year old 32" Sony Trinitron and don't miss it. Take the time to set your new TV up properly whichever make you buy. Your XBox will thank you.

3. If you wait 12 months, 1080HD sets may be the norm but overall, manufacturers may offer higher spec for approximately the same money as todays prices.




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