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Aug 10, 2019
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Aside from the issue of personal preference in an audition, is it fair to assume that buying a pair of floorstanders from the same manufacturer as an exisitng centre channel will give a good match as far as timbre and overall sound?

I'm making do with a pair of old but perfect condition TDL RTL 2's but have B&W VM1's as centre and rears.

I recently looked at having the TDL's upgraded by Wilmslow Audio, adding the Morel tweeters that get great reviews (CAT 308) and a crossover/internal cable upgrade but although this will no doubt show an improvement in their own right, there's no way of knowing if they'll sound any closer to the B&W's?

I'm looking at spending £6/700 on the fronts and would be glad of any tips.


Dan Turner

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Jul 9, 2007
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I actually think it's better not to even have a centre (disconnect, run AV amp set-up again, it should detect this and automatically mix centre channel information into the front L&R ) than to have a mismatching one. If your speaker set-up is fairly symetrical compared to your main sitting position ( s ) then voices will still appear to come from the right place. Worth a try - could save some money and might sound better.


Thanks ....

The_Lhc - Just waht I expected but hoped not to hear :) I regularly look at specs and reviews of other speaker packages but until I move, that's all I can do due to budget and sensible voices in my head. Fingers crossed the new house will have room for all the right kit?

and to Dan, I've never tried that (although years ago I had my Denon 3803 hoooked up to just the stereo pair without it knowing what was connected and there was a gaping 'hole' where the dialogue etc should've been, proving as always, it's all about the set up, not just the kit.

Have a great weekend....I've now got front 'heights' as well as the above mentioned connected to my new Onkyo 609 and Saving Private Ryan has just arrived on Blu Ray so mine will consist of much testing and experimenting!!


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