Matching Cd Player Or Dacmagic With Transport For Yamaha AS500


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Sep 22, 2011
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I have the existing system Yamaha AS500 as amp with Kef Q100 connected with chord silver anniversary. I am using philips dvd player as cd player for the time being. i have a dilema whether to buy cd player choices are marantz cd5004 or cambridge 540c which will match with the yammy kef combination ?

While using the existing system I have found that the speakers are good while playing music of pink floyd and miles davies or other blues and jazz. But they cannot cope with linkin park or very fast paced rock musics ( played from the cd player) they get muffled and it sounds awfull I am unable to find the reason. So I am thinking whether to go for standalone cd player or add dac magic to the existing philips player, as i have a huge flac files in my pc which i also want to play through them. Will the Dacmagic bring the missing notes into the sound ?

I am very confused . Marnatz CD5004, CA 550c and CA dacmagic are in my budget, but can buy only one from the above in present ?

Please Help & Advice

Thanks in Advance.


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Aug 16, 2010
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I think your speaker (Q100) has done its best....I would choose Marantz CD for Yammy amp....Cambridge Dac will help to make your PC files sing (remember, it has DAC similar with CA Azur 850A)...but still, Q 100 will not rocks.... Maybe you have to try another speaker, such as B&W 685...or a budget floorsander....


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Jan 10, 2011
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I recently aquired a dacmagic and am satisfied with the performance, as you have a lot of data files why not get one and see how it works with your dvd player as you can plug both into the box and your tv as well.

If this does not do the trick you could then see if you you want to get a cd player, I have played a sony xa20es through the dac and not noticed any enhancement in performance suggesting you would need to look at a substantial improvement of cd player or dac to increase performance.

Good luck