Marantz UD 5005 or CD6003?


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Aug 16, 2010
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Anyone have demoed Marantz UD 5005?

Does it would have BIG differences in SQ comparing to a budget CD player, such as Marantz C6003?


I'd be interested in knowing this as well.

I'm close to getting the UD5005 and I want to use it as a CD player as well to replace my Nad 520 CD Player. I would also hope that CDs can be played without needing to have it attached to a tv?

Just found this from a review: (

I also tried listening to the UD5005 through its 2-channel analogue outputs. This is where the Marantz really failed to impress me. In comparison, my Sony XA-9000ES SACD player was far smoother on SACD playback through its analogue outs. On CD playback there was no match at all. When comparing the Marantz to the Sony with the optional filter engaged, the Sony was more natural, had less edge and more air round the instruments. In comparison to the Oppo while listening to Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life (Audio Fidelity) the Marantz’s analogue outs again couldn’t compete with the Oppo played back through the Onkyo via HDMI with HDCD decoding turned on. Everything was much closer, obviously, when both players were compared being run through the Onkyo via HDMI. Still, the lack of HDCD decoding on the Marantz is a minus that kicks the Oppo into overdrive, but neither of them catches up to the Sony for either SACD or CD playback, whether going through the analogue outputs, streaming DSD, or going DSD-to-PCM out via HDMI versus the Sony’s analogue outputs. Comparing playback of Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life (SHM-SACD) on the Marantz through its analogue outs to the Sony was again no close comparison. The Marantz sounded edgy, where the Sony just sounded more analogue and true.

Bit of a bummer since I'd be using it via the analogue outputs, but maybe his stand alone SCAD player was a very hi end one?