Marantz PM7200 looking for speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I got a Marantz PM7200 amp and a Denon 1730 DVD player (please, don't ask why :) Anyway, I need some speakers too oterwise the whole stuff is just useless. I'd use the system for listening mainly MP3 and sometimes CD's. I can't see the point to get expensive speakers because of the quality of mp3 (most of them are recorded from radio). Electronic, dance music. I really don't want to spend more than £250- £300, if possible, under £200 :) But if you guys can explain why should I spend more, I might consider :) Many thanks, Tze


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Sep 9, 2007
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hello there,i used this amp with a pair of mission speakers m70's, lovely sound,so you could start there.superfi are doing a deal right now on the new 60 range about £100.00 knocked down from £200.00.the general rule of thumb here seems to favour the ma br2's which come in under your £200.00 budget with enough for some speaker cable.i don't know if your aware but the marantz can be switched to class a operation,25 watts of clean undistorted power with suitable speakers will sound like a 50 watter,more than enough for your type of music and may make the most of your mp3 files as well.there are a lot of good speakers out there and for £200.00 i am sure you will find the right pair.good luck,gregory.


for £250-300 you should be able to get some excellent speakers. Mon audio go quite well with marantz ( a friend has same amp as you and mon audio speakers and it sounds good)so you could look at the BR2's. B&w 686's are excellent too. Personally, If its mainly mp3 you listen to i would be inclined to not spend £300 on speakers. Not much point.


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