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Marantz PM7004 & Triangle Color Floorstanders - Please post your opinion


New member
Jul 6, 2013
As my adventure in the Jungle of Hi-Fi continues, i met up an interesting compination...The Triangle Color floorstanders driven by a Vincent SV-400 amp.

The result was nice with resolution and character.

The treble was present and not too bright.

The midrange sounded good and the bass was nice too, maybe a little bit messy (i would prefer it more stiff) sometimes.

However i believe that the 50W per channel that the Vincent amp offers may be just too low and i am planning to audition the Marantz PM 7004 which is more powerful amp.

Any ideas - experience with the speakers or the amp?

Will the Marantz give me a more detailed and stiff bass than the Vincent?

Thank you all!


New member
Jun 1, 2011
I am not totally familiar with each of the components you mention but Marantz and Triangle blend well in my experience. Try to audition the Marantz PM KI Pearl Lite, which is a modded version of the 7004, originally selling for £1000 but now typically around £680. Should work well with the Color and provide more controlled bass.

Would be interested to hear your experience if you do audition.