Marantz PM7004 or NAD C356 for Dynaudio 2/6?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have the dyns at home with an old Technics amp V300 something...

The sound is good but its too sharp in the highs, I think this is an sharp amp cause I borrowed monitor audios BX2 before and with this amp it cut through my ears at the worst parts.

So I need a new amp.

I have listened to Rotel, 06se and 1520 as they are so well recommended, but this sounds all bright to me. I dont know why many think this sounds neutral. (listened with the same dyns at a store)I compared with Musical Fidelity M3 and that sounded much better but was a bit too expensive for me.

Soo.. I think I prefer a bit more warmer, "musical" amp.

Ive heard Marantz 7004 with MA RX1, but Im afarid that it dont have enough power for my dyns.

The NAD C356 could be a better alternative but have not heard it, 80W sounds fine though, and its considered warmer by people here.

I always prefer a warm full sound with strong bass (but tight) and not too sharp highs so I can listen long without fatigue.

But I dont want my speakers to lack power and punch aswell!

This Hi Fi thing makes me crazy... no store has the same speakers and same amps so I cant try and compare with A/B tests.



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Jun 8, 2007
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I have never heard the PM7004 amp.

I have heard the NAD C356 and for the money it's very, very good. If you have the money......go for it ;)


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Apr 30, 2011
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Would highly recommend the Marantz PM7004, which am currently listening to with MA RX1, but dont know if it suits the dyns. Upgraded from Nad C326 and Marantz PM6003 in this order. Really like this amp.


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