Marantz PM6002 vs Onkyo TX-SR505


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I'd be very grateful for advice about obtaining the best stereo hifi sound experience for these 2 systems, given that:

1) They are similar in price
2) The Onkyo TX-SR505 would also cater for surround sound
3) The Marantz PM6002 is a dedicated stereo amp.

Finally, are either of these better than the Onkyo CS515 for the same purpose?

I would like to use one of these with a pair of BR2s or MS Avant 902is.


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I haven't heard the SR505 so can't comment specifically on that but:

The PM6002 is definitely better than the CS515, as long as you are using a decent source.
The BR2s and Avant 902is are very different sounding speakers. Make sure you audition carefully to see which you like the sound of the best with the electronics you eventually decide on.
As a rule, dedicated stereo amps sound quite a lot better than equivalently priced surround amps. Quite simply the budget has been focused on those two channels instead of being spread around to cover surround processing and multi-channel power amps. If you are only mostly going to listen to stereo music, opt for the Marantz. You could also look at NAD, CAmbridge Audio, and Rotel. Audition a selection to see what you like best.


Many thanks for your reply, that was very helpful. I had based my choice of speakers on the ratings in what hifi?, without appreciating that they would sound very different.

Your point about electronics per pound and auditioning makes sense. I've been unable to audition the SR505 and the Marantz as yet, and I just wondered about the SR505 given that Onkyo tends to be reviewed as high value for money and can read DVD-A and SACD. Thanks again!

I wonder whether any other readers have an opinion about this.


Hi, I am using the Marantz CD 5001, Marantz PM4001 with Mordaunt Short 902is speakers.

I also auditioned with the MA BR2s but have to say that the Mordaunt Short 902is are clearly more exciting and lively.