Marantz PM5004+CD5004 or Marantz PM6004


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm just getting a real Hifi system for the first time and I've got two options that I'm trying to decide between.

I listen to most of my music through my iPod/iPhone and so I determined I am going to get the HTR iStreamer to feed into the amp. Along with that I'm going to go with some Boston A26 speakers as they sounded great in the shop and they fit nicely into the budget (and should fill the 25m2 room I'm going to put them in).

That leaves the amp and the question of do I need CD player. Obviously I'd like to have a CD player but the truth is it won't get used most of the time.

There's a special on where the Marantz PM5004 and CD5004 come together for the same price as the PM6004 alone.

Any recommendations about whether the PM6004 is really that much better? As I'm getting a DAC with the iStream that ends up giving me a USB connection that I would have got with the CD6004.

I'd love people's input on this. Thanks.


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Feb 2, 2009
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Maybee you could get the PM6004 and buy a CD player later if you need it, some places are still discounting the PM6004 at about £250

I heard this amp and had to have it, its one of those that will go down as a budget classic imo, i have even sold my NAD 352 now as a prefere the sound of this Marantz, the mid and treble have a liquidity I have never heard at this price, especialy on good recordings,


Thanks for the advice, I'll try and get the 6004 and see how it goes. Unfortunately I'm in France and the prices are a bit higher and harder to get things on sale but it's still going to be worth it.



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