Marantz NR1602 and/or Cambridge Audio Minx


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Ello ello, hope everyone's had a great Christmas and subsequent hangover. Now onto more serious matters
. I'm moving and can't be saddled with my 685s anymore sadly (well I can but the bass overhang due to them being close to walls is now getting to me, especially since 1 speaker will be in a corner).

So I have a few options:

1. Get a soundbar - my good friend wants to flog me a new Niro. This is supposed to be the Rolls Royce (in the best way) of soundbars.

2. Get a AV amp and mini speakers - I'm looking at the Marantz NR1602 with the Boston Acoustics Soundware XS5.1SE or CA Minx's - these look extremely tempting and I don't mind a slightly bright sound. The AV amp also tempts with RDS tuner and digital iPod USB. I'll hang the speakers up on the wall. Nice and out of the way.

3. Keep my Solo Mini and get one of the 2 mini speakers.

So advice anyone, Anyone?


Hi Manicm,

If you are thinking of CA Minx speakers then you will need to use a sub (even one set very low!)

The speakers themselves are fantastic and have received far better reviews than the Bostons too. I have only heard the Bostons in a dealer so not ideal, but the Minx were in a different league in terms of accuracy / detail / soundstage even just in the shop.

There are some more of my thoughts here:



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