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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently use a pair of Kef iQ5 for both my stereo amp (rotel RA01) and as the front L-R for a surround setup (Basic Onkyo) (Kef 2005.2 for the other channels). This does mean that I have to physically un-plug and plug-in every time I want to switch between movies and music.

I have been looking for a reasonably priced AV amp with pre-outs so that I can make this a bit less cumbersome. I have recently been looking at the specs for the Marantz NR 1602 and it looks like it might be the answer to my prayers. It has pre-outs for the sub and front LR, but in the manual it only shows this setup as a 2.1 system.

Does anyone know if this system will work as 5.1 with these pre-outs integrated, or will they only output a 2.1 ‘mix’ ?
The Marantz has additional attractions due to its slim profile and marque reputation for sound quality.


it will output the 2.1 from the sound track. if you have set the speakers up as 5.1 for example, the 2.1 will give you the left and right channels as well as the .1. it will change if you have set the speakers to large i think (i have the amp but front speakers set to small) as the .1 spec is specific to include the .1 LFE - you can tweak crossover, speaker size.

if you set the system to only have 2.1 speakers then i guess the soundtrack will be mixed to 2.1 but using the calibration tools and it will work out distances and crossovers etc.

it is a great amp - as well as dac / streamer / radio / etc - i use it as a second system and it loves pumping out radio paradise as well as all my flac files. i use B&W M1 as front left and right with a canton centre and rears plus sub. lovely in pure direct stereo. its great for video switching and learning remote is spot on. i could go on about the amp all day and nver understand why not more reviews i paid the full rrp several months ago before it was widely available but dont feel short changed. going to use the additonal 2 channels (7.1) for zone 2 in a living space as you can send it different feed compared to the main zone.

ipad app is crap but works.

will be buying anohter one for my music room to give me decoding for the blu ray player in there so feed the analogue in on my naim system and then drive centre and rears for surround sound with the .1 going into my rel sub.

get one - for the price they are currently you will get a great streamer and dac chucked in !


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