Marantz MCR-603 takes forever to load iPod


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am extremely pleased with my 1 week old Marantz MCR-603...


one thing is nagging me... I have stored all my low/med quality music on an a 160Gig iPod and everytime I turn on the system, the Marantz takes about 7 minutes to "initialise" the iPod! I do have 130Gig of music saved on the iPod but I don't have that problem with my Bose Soundock II. The iPod is connected via USB to the front of the Marantz, in the dedicated port.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? The only way to get around it seems to leave the system on (not stand by) but my conscience wouldn't allow that! :)



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Feb 22, 2010
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I supose you could get a digital transport like Onkyo's ND-S1 and run that into the digital input, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the dedicated iPod connection. Actually, as the it is medium to low quality rips/downloads you could use a regular dock and interconnects, but once again, kind of defeats the purpose of the dedicated connection.


Yes exactly... I expected a plug 'n' play system not a plug, wait then play!

I was thinking more along the lines as one is faulty... just wondering if others have had the same problem!

(ps, the sound quality when playing music off the ipod, through the marantz mcr-603 connected to the bose sound dock II via the phono jack... is FAR better than the ipod placed directly in the cradle of the bose sound dosck II!!! Way to go bose amps!!)


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Jun 2, 2008
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I always use AirPlay (rather than the iPod/USB socket) but I gave it a go with my iPhone for the purposes of this thread.

No problem here. Plugged iPhone into USB, selected iPod/USB, waited 20 seconds whilst steps 1 - 4 flashed up, waited about 5 more seconds (maybe less) for 'Loading' to complete.

I should add that my iPhone 4 only has about 14GB used (out of a possible 32GB). All of my rips are 256K AAC VBR, error corrected.

Connect your M-CR603 to your router with an ethernet cable, download all latest firmware upgrades and - if the problem persists - call D&M* Technical support...

Jonathan Weston 02890 279835. (UK Product Trainer & Product Support D&M Audiovisual Ltd.)

* D&M = Denon & Marantz before anyone asks.


Thanks for that...

I'll take it downstairs and connect it to the router cos i currently dont have an ethernet cable up here.

Plan is to buy an ipod touch for airplay once ive got all my kit set up correctly with ethernet and all!

Thanks for the tip though!


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