Marantz M-CR603


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Jan 10, 2011
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Can you play spotify via a laptop through one of these ?

A friend of mine is looking to get a small system and this would seem to fit the bill.

Also any speaker advice around £300 mark,he likes older reggae, soul/jazz and rock so quite punchy I was thinking of BX 2's but appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks again.


Shanka; if you search the posts there are plenty re the CR603 and what speakers suit well etc...

As with regards to Spotify via his laptop; IIRC the answer is yes; it'll pick up the laptop as the music server and then he just needs to play via Spotify etc...

Going back to speakers; with that budget is he after standmounters or floorstanders? Does he want brand new or will he consider 2nd hand?


Shanka said:
Hi, I thought you probably could, thanks for confirming. He will probably be looking for standmounts but will be close to rear wall. Thanks again

If they're going to be close to a rear wall then IMO the likes of some B&W 685's would be great as would the likes of the Monitor Audio BX2's, Dali Lektor 2's and even possibly the B&W CM1's (dependent upon how close to the back wall the speakers will be)!

The B&W 685's would be my choice; sound great close to a back wall as theyre forward firing but they also come with the bungs so the bass port can be tuned when/where necessary etc...


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