Marantz M-CR603 firmware update

Mr. Iceman

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Nov 29, 2008
To all those with Marantz M-CR603.

I have mine on auto update notification and today it 'told' me there is a firmware update available (I have it permanently connected to my router). Running the update took some 30 minutes but it does look like it got rid of the bug which made the screen freeze on volume when listening to internet radio.

Anyone else did the upgrade? Any change?


I've had no issues since the firmware upgrade

Only struggle I had was with AirPlay but that was down to the AVG firewall but all sorted now as moved over to BitDefender


For Marantz & customers,

So first, the moans..

This is the 2nd update in fairly short notice for the M-CR603 and undoubtedly for some of their other internet models, which is all well and good except that each update wipes access to the radio stations stocked in "favorites". Worse, it leaves the old station names in the favorite list - meaning the now-useless station names have to be deleted (one by one!) before a new list can laboriously be re-compiled. Needless to say, this complete waste of time is a pain-in-the-proverbial (’scuse my French).

Imagine if you had to reconstitute all your favorite bookmarks in your browser each time Internet Explorer or Firefox updated!? Wouldn't you think about moving browsers after a couple of repeats?

Come on Marantz - you can solve this. It's not rocket science. And I would no longer groan every time I see an "update" notice.

2nd gripe (it's gripe day today). When will Marantz start it's own English language forum - instead of forums like this all over the place..?

Though this M-CR603 internet radio machine is pretty cool (let's be fair, it's one of the very few on the market that does everything it does), there are still teething glitches when accessing internet stations (especially in the favorite list), which invariably means a re-boot using the "internet radio" button with 1-2 minute delays each time. So much so, that the less tech-minded, more impatient members of the family generally can't be bothered to use its gi-normous internet facilties.

This is a shame which I suspect future R&D on the firmware will eventually resolve. The question is, will Marantz get down to finding a solution before the competition figures it out ? Food for thought.

OK, now for the nice part. I’m still more than happy with this machine! Connected to B&W ceiling speakers in the kitchen, it has revolutionalised music, news, drama, you-name-it, listening life in the room we spend most of our time. Internet reception is as good as, and often better than local FM radio, which is impressive as we live in a (French) city – but of course we can now listen to the world’s biggest library of any-genre listening from the entire planet in whatever language we want and.. in quality sound. It has become one of life's new pleasures.

So Marantz.. a little more R&D, please? The investment will be a sure-fire customer winner.