Marantz M-CR 603 with B&W 685


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Aug 10, 2019
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Good evening all!

I recently baptised myself with my first hi-fi system Marantz M-CR 603 bi-wired B&W 685 with QED Silver Anniversary XT cables on Auralex pads.

I am completely blown away by the mid-range clarity and the timing... but then again I can only compare it to my Bose Soundock II...

What's your opinion on this set-up? Do I have good reason to be so pleased and excited? Or is it a matter of... "oh if you're impressed by that wait till you listen to..."?? In all the system cost me under 900 pounds. Could I have gotten more for my money?

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You've got a lovely set-up there Carl

Having owned all the above seperates and still loving the CR603 (see my systems below) the only 'advice' I'd offer is single wire the speakers as to me they sound a lot better when single wired over bi-wired (but sound hell of a lot better when properly bi-amped (i.e. a seperate power amp etc...).

'Maybe' look to change the speaker cable to either Chord Carnival Silverscreen or Chord Odysasey 2; the QED cable is good but for the B&W's, the Chord is a much better matched speaker cable

The MCR603 is a superb system and drives my M/A BX5's superbly; it drove the M/A RX2's I had really well as well and the B&W 685's I demo'd too but the sppeakers all sounded better when single wired (i.e. using channel A instead of A+B). The soundstage was a lot fuller and detailed. A little cohesion was lost when the MCR603 was 'bi-amped' IMO


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Sep 17, 2011
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Hi Gary

Not sure about the bi-amp bit yet, but...

I was hugely impressed by the Marantz system, even when compared against the new Marantz PM6004 kit, Arcam dac and A18 and Rega dac and amp.

As I was ideally looking for a long term 1 box solution, I have bought a Pioneer VSX-LX55, but up to about about 60%, i dont think there is much in it, if at all. The Marantz is a stunning piece of kit. Just can't do 5.1, and loses a bit at higher volumes


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Aug 19, 2011
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When you say bi-wiring are you using both output stages on the marantz or just running 2 sets from one stage?

I wouldn't recommend the former to be honest as it just wastes power


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