Marantz DV7001 vs Sony RDR-HXD1065 and which speakers?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Yet another post from someone who would like a second opinion on what he's thinking of buying! ;)

I've been planning to get an LCD TV for a while and having read What Hi-Fi for the last 3 issues have realised that the aging Kenwood stereo could be replaced as well! So here is my current shortlist:

LCD TV: Sony KDL-46X2000
AV Receiver: Sony STR-DA5200ES
DVD player: Marantz DV7001
Speakers: Monitor Audio Radius R90AV-12

However, this months issue praises the Sony RDR-HXD1065 when paired with the STR-5200ES. How does it compare to the Marantz when it comes to standard audio CD playback? The recording capabilities of the Sony are very tempting....

Also I'd welcome any suggestions towards other speaker setups. I'm also considering Tannoy Mercury F1's after the recent review but would I be cheating myself by skimping on the speakers?

Opinions welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi there,

The Marantz player would easily best the Sony recorder for CD playback - the Sony is an excellent all-rounder, but the Marantz is highly musical as movie-players go. Not so hot on recording, though, obviously!

Re speakers: with such a muscular Sony amp - and dynamic player - i'd say you're slightly underselling yourself on the speaker front. Yes, that Monitor Audio package is superb - that's why it's our current Product of the Year for style speakers - but you are sacrificing some performance for compact good looks.

Oddly enough, the Tannoys - although cheaper - probably wouldn't be that far behind in terms of sound, as they are larger, more traditional-size speakers - which typically offer more in pure performance-per-pound terms, if not in terms of style or flexibility. That's why we have two separate, style & traditional speaker-package sections in the Buyer's Guide and in the Awards - we recognise that it's your choice to decide what matters most for you.

If your budget could stretch, either Monitor Audio's traditional Silver RS1 AV package (£1650) or Tannoy's Arena Highline range - style speakers that excel with music, from £1695 - are definitely worth a listen.


Hi Clare

I'm looking at the same Marantz DVD / Sony Receiver combination, yet my speaker budget can only stretch to £1,000.

My room is 16' by 11' and I would like a traditional 5.1 speaker package with floorstanders for the front, and have narrowed my selection down to the Monitor Audio BR5 package and the Acoustic Energy Neo 5.1's.

The only other consideration is that this new set up is going to replace my 10 year old hifi so the speakers must be as receptive as possible when listening to my cd's.

Thanks in advance for all you help.


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