Marantz CR-510 firmware update failure


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Jan 2, 2015

Firmware update on my Marantz CR-510 Network Receiver has failed and I am not able to recover the system.

Whenever I switched on the system, I used to get the message that latest firmware was available and that the system should be updated for better performance and stability. One fine day I selected OK for firmware update and unit was connected to network over WiFi. It displayed the message - "Authenticating" and nothing happened after that. I left the system in this state for 2 days and it was in the same state.

Then I switched off the system, connected to network through ethernet cable and switched it on again. After that, I get the message - "Update Retry Please wait...". I waited for a few hours and nothing happens.

I am able to connect to the system through web browser from my laptop. The page has the option to upload firmware file to the unit. I do not know what to do from here.

System is unusable now. Owner's manual does not suggest how to recover.

Can somebody please suggest how to recover my system?


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Sep 23, 2007
Seems Marantz has a pretty comprehensive get out clause,this from the UK website

These updates are available for all customers who purchased a Marantz-product at an authorized retailer in Europe. Once you have registered with your serial number you can download the software free of charge and update your product at your own risk and responsibility. Please bear in mind that a failed software update might result in a partialy or completely malfunction of your unit. In such case a repair could be comprehensive and quite expensive.Marantz assumes no responsibility for and shall have no liability of any kind with respect to any problems encountered in conjunction with or arising out of the downloading of the Software, including, without limitation, problems resulting from any interruption that may have occurred while downloading the Software. Marantz shall not be required to provide you with any technical support or services of any kind relating to the Software.
Marantz recommends you to update your unit only in case where some problem has been encountered.To update the firmware of your product feel free to contact the authorized Marantz-retailer where you have purchased your Marantz product. Phone number and the address of your retailer you can find on here.

To the OP, try D/L the firmware update from the Marantz website and then connect to the CR-510 and see if you can update manually