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Mains Conditioners do work! well IME


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Aug 10, 2019
i have to admit that even i was sceptical about the benefits (if any) of mains conditioners. especially given the upto 4 figure prices asked for some of them.
however, being the curious cat (luckily still with 9 lives) i decided to try one and before anyone mentions the placebo effect i should add that the unit i used was given to me free of charge.
after extensive A-B comparisons i noticed a consistent improvement in vocal presentation and leading edge attack when using the conditioner(would you believe it a BT industrial mains conditioner). Voices were lifted and bought to the fore in the soundstage and i could sense more space around each instrument. kick drums had more thump and the snare a sharper snap. im not sure if these results are typical resuts(if there is such a thing) of all mains conditioners however i now see why people would consider them a worthy addition to their hi-fi system.
i am aware that a mains conditioners effect is limited to the cleanliness of your mains and so i have to wonder just how dirty my mains supply is... i will say that when i switch on the dimmer lights in the hall i can hear an easily audible buzz through my speakers that gets worse the more the lights are dimmed - this only happens though when my PC is connected to my system (again, when my pc is connected i get an audible buzz though not as severe)
any thoughts?


hi chebby, thanks for the extensive and prompt reply. i just tried using the cs929 i already had for my pc but if anything the buzzing i get when i connect the pc to my system is more noticeable! i already have rf sheilded cables for all my hi-fi components. could it be the lead (3.5mm to 2 RCA) i am using to connect the pc to my system that is causing the problem? when i connect my grado's to either headphone jack on my pc there are no issues with audible buzz...


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Jun 2, 2008
If possible, connect to PC via phono - phono RCA cables into the rear sockets (you should have them) on the back of your PCI sound card.


find a local hospital that is being demolished and see if you can cadge one of their main filters that supply some extremely high tech monitering equipment that if it has a hiccup from dirty mains theyre liable to declare you brain dead and switch you off..the one i aquired before it went in the skip also has an uninteruptable power supply , you wouldnt want to know how much it cost , thats where our taxes are going..
kindest regards