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Aug 10, 2019
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question, if i was to up grade my amp and in the future my cd player ( respectively 640a v2 azur and 540c v2 azur) with a mains cable( how much should i budget?)how much of a dierence will it make ?

and will the amp kick out a bit more guts/power?


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Jul 28, 2007
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I have used many power cables in the past, I am now only keep 1 in my system....Russ Andrew classic power chord. The reason I am keeping it because my Cdp is using a choke regulation technology and I can hear some improvement, not a night and day different by any mean, just a very very tiny improvement, value for money is about 3 out of ten!. I also have try some expensive ones and expected the miracle improvment to the sound of my system and I am sad to say "my jaw remained firmly in the same location as before". Please note: when I started my hifi journey with budget system I thought I heard more improvement back then (russ andrew yello cables) so may be the higher spec gears has a better design power supplies and therefore they could have no need for them! (or could it be my imagination!)


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