Macbook expert needed, and streaming wireless.


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi I have the weirdest thing happening, let me try explain.

I have had my Macbook pro for 1 week and its my first mac, but had the TS-110 for a month.

I have a Garbage HP netbook that will stream perfect, 720p and Tv shows from the NAS. But the Macbook wont, it stutters all over the place.

I went into the Genius bar and they advised to make sure I am sharing via AFP and not Samba, so I changed the setting and I can now see AFP on the network, and no Samba, but this has not helped.

I tried it in work, with my mates last years macbook dual core and his works fine wirelessly in work, but again mine didnt, but when I took it to the genius bar it streamed fine.... Very strange, it was the exact same file.

I am really lost, I have tried quicktime with perian and also VLC and still no luck.

Should I do a full system re-start on the Mac as this is my first mac and just worried I installed something wrong, but if this was the case I would have seen the stutter in the mac shop.

My router is a SKY (UK) G Modem router, but like I said the little netbook streams fine, so it cant be this either.

Can anyone offer any help, I am at wits end and thinking of returning my Mac, which I love. Thanks guys and gals


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It seems there is nothing wrong with your hardware. Just some settings somewhere. Very difficult to advise you over a forum on this.

Could you ask your mate to come round with his Mac to see he can stream through your router? If his Mac works, try to copy his settings.


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