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Jan 10, 2011
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I have a few days off this week and am about to start my dac demo's, will be looking at the Rega DAC, Musical Fidelity M1 and the Audiolab MDAC, if I spot anything else in store I am sure will ask for a quick listen of that too.

However I am also intrigued by the M1 Clic as am looking into a streaming dac as this may be where I am heading as have posted here on other threads, however speaking to the 2 retailers this afternoon one said the Clic uses a similar dac whereas the other stated it used the same dac.

It will be down to my ears and brain but just wondered if anyone knew if they were the same or different, thanks again for any advice, will probably ask MF but as with all these things computer based I get easily confused.


El Hefe

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Jun 21, 2008
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Its the same DAC in both. However, when doing an A/B comparison, do ensure to compare the units using the same connections ie: coaxial or optical. If using the USB connection, the M1 is asynchronous and the CLiC is not.

Also ensure both units are connected to the amp using the RCA output as the M1 has balanced out as well which can deliver a different listening experience.


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