LX-83 Help !


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Jul 6, 2010
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Hi all could you please help with a couple of probs i have.

I have the LX-83 connected to my sky box via the optical cable & the HD cable (into the amp not the tv, HD No1 out). I use the HD "No2 out" to the tv in the kitchen. At the moment i have no speakers in the kitchen just the tv. When i put sky through to the kitchen tv i can get no sound from the tv but i do get the picture. I do have an optical & phono cables from the kitchen tv to the amp but just cant afford speakers at the mo. So first Q how do i get sound in the kitchen tv ... please.

Next Q is i have the front L&R pre outed to an amp & cd player for music, how do i safely get the sub to work with the cd player when that is wired to the LX-83 for surround sound ?.

Would really appreciate some of your knowledge, thank you,


Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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I have my Sky box connected in the same way, and audio and video sent to a small LCD TV for occasional viewing as I use a projector for most things. I've not had a problem with a lack of audio. Have you tried turning off the HDMI control function! Long shot, but worth a try if you haven't already. Double check both ends of the HDMI from the receiver to the TV are in squarely and firmly.

For the other issue, if your front speakers are set to large, the sub won't be included when playing in two channel mode. To utilise the sub, a surround mode would need to be engaged. I've not tried it myself, but the only other way you might be able to utilise the sub is to set the bass output of the LX83 to 'both' (as in front speakers and subwoofer).