Luxman SQ-N150 vs Mcintosh MA252 vs C8 preamp


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May 14, 2013

Has anyone had any experience with either of these.

Read a bit about the Mcintosh but not too much in the Luxman. The Luxman on paper only has 10w, the Mcintosh 100w (hybrid setup). I might be comparing apples and oranges here.

How would this go in a larger 5x8m room. Speakers are monitor audio gx100 stand mounts with the option of a rel sub if needed.

Any comments, experience on either would be great.

Also interested in feedback on the Mcintosh C8 preamp with different brand solid state amp experience. This is a similar price to the ma252 integrated but has more input options and i can utilise an existing solid state power amp I have.

Sorry, thought I’d try and bump this up the line to see if any of you can pass on some valued feedback!

first time I have seen this post.
If I were you I would suggest you work out exactly what you want to buy, integrated or preamp, and then mention your budget. Please note that if you are in the States you'll find them cheaper than us here in the UK where they are not exactly big sellers
Also worth noting that I cannot recall any forum members owning these amplifiers.
I have seen the Luxman but it's more of a lifestyle product that would require some very efficient speakers to partner with it. So definitely apples and oranges.
I did once consider getting one myself, if only it had twice the wpc.......
There are other good, and cheaper, hybrid amplifiers out there if you really want to go down that route.
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