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Aug 10, 2019
New member, first post, so it's nice to meet you all.

Based on the recent reviews of the 32 inchers I thought the title might be descriptive of a few of the offerings! (and maybe attract a few views.) I've also been waiting to post this for 3 days until the latest issue went onto the shelves so I wouldn't be giving away anything in advance!

Anyway, I was in John Lewis comparing the Philips 9632 and Sony D3000 on the weekend and thought they were both very good (tho I had to play with the Sony to match the Philips' picture), but I didn't have the opportunity to test the sound. This is covered in the latest issue's review for the Sony, but seemingly not for the Philips. Aiming this particularly at Clare, Andrew etc... :) but for anyone who knows ... any thoughts about the Philips' sound? Any comments much appreciated and apologies if I simply missed a bit.


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Hi Sox, and welcome on board....

Sound of the Philips (along with Picture, Sound and Features analysis for all 10 sets) covered in the Facts and Figures page of the Supertest (p54) - it's OK, but not as good as either the Sony or the Philips. Hope this helps!


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