Lost iPod 5g. Another finder?


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Apr 2, 2013
People, i'm having the following issue. Not me really, but a friend of mine, she had an ipod 5g till last tuesday. Since then, someone in our class has hidden it. The thing is that it got wrong and now is very serious. The principal and all the directors of the school came today to talk with us. Now the person who has it is not going to give it back because of fear. I dont want to get any of you annoyed with this things.

The important point is that i'm trying to locate the ipod, but we have already used the find my iphone app, and there was no localization (quite strange cuz we received and email from apple telling us that the sound was displayed in our device). We cant locate it in the map but the sound was played? How it can be possible? And there is any way of tracking it with and ip or some id that the ipod has? Please i need a bit of your knowledge to help me because i comprend something of ip directions, etc, but i dont know how to maybe locate it.

thank you for reading and taking your time on my topic. Cheers!


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Mar 3, 2010
Sounds to me like it's time for someone to grow up and just come forward, because the longer this takes the deeper sh*t they are in.


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