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Looking for a compact (5x9inches) DAB+ & Internet Radio tuner with Coax/toslink output?

John Bergqvist

New member
Dec 13, 2015
Hi, i'm looking for a combined DAB+ & Internet radio/Network tuner (must support both) which has Coax/Toslink audio output (so I can plug it into my AV reciever). However, i'm looking to hopefully find one that will fit in a 5x9 Inch (HxW) gap, where my BT box currently is in the below pic (which should give the BT box space to sit on top of it): http://i.imgur.com/HCQ1Lep.jpg

Does such a device with those dimensions exist? I've found this device: http://www.teac-audio.eu/en/products/cr-h248-83973.html but sadly it doesn't have the Coax/Toslink output or offer Network/Internet radio functionality. Onkyo do do a Network tuner that (IMO) perfectly fits the bill (T-4070), but it's obviously too wide.



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