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John Duncan

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For reasons I won't go into, my amp and turntable need to be separated and moved about six feet apart. To negotiate furniture etc, the cable connecting them will need to be at least three metres. So, questions -

a) Do any major manufacturers make half-decent cable that long? Currently use Chord Cobra 2 for the T/T;

b) Should I keep the phono stage by the turntable and have a short run to it and the long run from there to the amp, or long run to the phono stage and short run to the amp? My T/T has detachable cables so either works;

c) Can I expect degradation with such a long cable run and if so, how much?

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Jul 28, 2007
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[quote user="JohnDuncan"]c) Can I expect degradation with such a long cable run and if so, how much?[/quote]

longer than 10 metre and you may noticed a (very) little degradation!

just think of live recording! How many metre run of cables to the mixer!

John Duncan

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Sure - I mean nobody has an issue with 3m speaker cables, just wondered if coax was a different beast. I did figure that would be better to keep the phono stage by the T/T though, since better to degrade a line level signal than a phono-level? or am I just getting hung up about nothing...........


If you go into a decent retailer they can order special lengths from Chord!

Keep the phono stage near the turntable would be my advice.


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Jul 20, 2007
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The guy I bought my Rega from had his turntable one side of the room on a wall mount and the amp etc the other, he reckoned that the lack of vibration effects compensated for the cable length.

I believe that the americans tend to use long interconnects/short speaker cables when using pre-power set-ups, think the arguement is that the speaker level risks greater signal loss.

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