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Jun 16, 2024
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Thinking of a nice and easy to operate system for the living room. Streaming is important (Spotify) as well as connect to TV and post phono stage analog input.
Currently run KEF LSX but nor really pleased with connectivity and sounwise - mehhh... Doesn't "fill the room" or excite very much.

To replace them, from audio quality side, should I be looking at:

* Apple Homepod (x2) ?
* Sonos Five? or Era 300? Single or two of them?
* KEF LS50 ?
* Sonos soundbar with or without a sub woofer?

Or just go to full HI Fi system (Power AMp + Proacs or the like) ?


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Aug 10, 2021
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Size of room and budget would be a good bit of info.....personally I would not use active speakers with on board streaming and dacs....the reason being is that streaming and dac technology is moving so fast and becomes obsolete very quickly, the amp section has matured over the years and isn't going to change very much, especially class A/B types, so the likes of the kef lsx etc will have a very limited life span.
I've just ordered a set of Acoustic energy ae1 active speakers myself ( for a second system in my summer house) I'm just going to use a spare streamer with pre-amp functionality ( novafidelity n15d) I have, although a streamer with a hdmi would be good for my pc monitor I plan to use for tv/gaming duties....a recent /current Bluesound node has this functionality and these two products should be on your list if you would like to continue with a active speaker type setup, also I believe wiim is due to release the Wiim ultra which will have touchscreen, hdmi, streamer etc at a very competitive price.
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Feb 9, 2024
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Doesn't "fill the room" or excite very much.
Whats your budget £75k Active Klipsch Jubilee will fill your room

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Mr. Hervé Delétraz will agree with you regarding those Klipsch Anniversary Speakers. Just using with different electro. His own of couse. Mr. Delétraz is the owner of darTZeel Swiss High End famous gear maker. Those speakers he uses in his own listening room to tune the sound😉.


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