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Listening Habits


New member
Nov 17, 2007
Always been interested in other people's listening habits so thought I'd post this.

OK, so over the years you've collected hundreds (thousands?) of albums but how many of them do you still listen to? And how many just sit collecting dust? Is this because you're always getting new stuff so just don't get round to playing the ones you bought years ago?

And of the ones you do still play, what albums do you sit and listen to properly. By that I mean not put on as background music and not sat there with your finger on the 'skip' button - sit down and listen to the whole album all the way through.

The other night I came to the conclusion that I probably have less than 20 that fit this category, my total collection being somewhere around 500. Which I thought was a bit sad really.

Cheers, Steve


Well-known member
May 24, 2008
I, like you have a few hundred CDs. I'd say I probably have listened to less than 10% of them in the last year. I generally have a pile of those which I am currently listening to. Whether that be new stuff I have just bought, or old stuff I am currently revisiting.

I reckon I probably listen to all of them properly. I do spend a lot of my time sitting in my listening room, sometimes with a laptop or newspaper, and sometimes just with the music and thats it!

I do have some howlers in my collection - wont go into detail, but needless to say I wouldnt buy them again. They probably count for a few % in themselves. And will never be listened to again...


New member
Jul 20, 2007
Out of my collection, which is about 800 cds, I have around fifty that are stacked near the cd player and these get heavy play. I change the fifty every few months for another fifty out of my collection, so all the cds in the collection get some play time.

When listening on my main system I always listen to an album all the way through, I don't track skip.



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