Linn Sondek LP12 audio cable


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Oct 16, 2008
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A friend of mine has given me a LP12 on 'long term' loan. It has an ADC ZLM cartridge and a very old cable to connect it to my Arcam A28 amp. The issue that I have is that it lacks a little top and bottom end compared with my DAC Magic and I wondered if this might be due to the 30 year old 2m long cable that’s being used, that looks like it has seen better days. When I first got my DAC I tried various cables and found that a shorter silver coated cable gave better bass and treble and wondered if this might be why the LP12 sounds like it’s lacking somewhat. Help would be appreciated as I know that it could sound amazing if I get it set-up right. Thanks.


Changing the cable on a Sondek is a bit of a faff - the cable forms part of the suspension of the deck, and it is important to get the tension between the connector at the bottom of the tonearm and the P-clip on the plinth right if the deck is going to work properly.

I'd leave the cable as it is for now, and look at the cartridge. The ADC ZLM needs to be connected to a Moving Coil phono stage - most are Moving Magnet. If the cartridge is 30 years old, it will probably be knackered anyway.


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